About Black Operations: Insurgency Beta v1.0

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    This is the sequal to the Final Conflict mod in its beta version. By no means is it complete. We will be addressing any issues in future updates as well as adding more content, including more weapons and building sets.

    Whats new:
    -12 new weapons
    -Tons of new terrains
    -New environments
    -New Skins
    -New buildings, decs, and foliage
    -New Custom maps

    Known Isses:
    -Mappers please use desert skin setting in all maps. (The jungle and snow skins have not been completed).
    -The two reskinned blackhawks do not have skinned husks. Will be addressed in future update.
    -A few of the weapons need the flash ajusted which will be addressed in future updates


    -All BHD/TS/BO/BO:FC maps work with Insurgency
    - Credits are on splash screen in the installer and also sent to your desktop as a text file

    you can download in this webs