beta tests

Тема в разделе "Conversations about Alfa Force mod", создана пользователем лама :), 15.02.05.

  1. лама :)

    лама :) Гость

    Hi there,
    I wonder if you will be looking for people to beta-test your up-to-now-good-looking mod? :D

    (hehe I hope you will)

    your friendly neighbourhood lama
  2. KAI

    KAI Tw1ggy

    Dont worry, when its time for testing we'll scream like mad "CALLING ALL TESTERS" :) or something close to it. ;)
  3. лама

    лама Гость

    yay :) looking fwd to it :D

    thx for your reply
    have a nice day :)
  4. RCM PL

    RCM PL Гость

    Польский друг

    Привет друзя!
    Извените мой русский язык, уже лет 15 от окончания школы.
    Мне кажется что ваш moд будет лутще всех. Влочень хорошая робота. Желаю вам успехов!! Ждy окончаня.
    Пока, РСМ ПЛ (a.k.a. RCM PL)

    PS. Привет Лама :)
  5. Лама

    Лама Гость

    Привет :)
    well, I made a little hype about your mod on polish bhd website - It seems like a best bhd addon ever, and surprisingly finding any info on it is hardly possible - unless you know where to look :)

    so once again - looking fwd to see it test it play it

    good luck mod guys :)
  6. KAI

    KAI Tw1ggy

    If its OK with Vlad, i might throw some pics tommorow. depends on if we're gonna have a little war of our own or not :)