Детям до 18ти и слабонервным не заходить

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  1. Maniac

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    Тут моему одному другу пришло такое вот странное письмо :eek: :


    I don't know you, you don't know me and probably this will me the most
    stupid email you've ever received. I found your email in the Moscow State
    University web site. My boyfriend is soon going to Moscow to study at the
    Moscow State University. He'll be staying in the university dormitories.

    I heard so much from my friends about the beauty of Russian women and
    prostution in Moscow. I'm wondering if it would be possible for him to bring
    in a prostitute to his dormitory room. Can students do such things in the
    dormitories? I'm terribly jealous about this. Can you please let me know
    about how tight security in these dormitories are? Thank you so much.

    I know this is stupid, but I'm obsessed with this.


    Ну мы решили что надо девушку успокоить и предложили такой вариант ответа:

    Actually, what you were told about Russian dormitories is not true. There are very few girls living there and there are very strict
    restrictions for visitors so prostitutes are not allowed to come.
    Our guys had to come up with this situation. Since their hands were all in bloody callosities they had no other way to satisfy their natural needs other than do that among themselves, or to use some devices.
    And as Russia is a poor country they can only use those devices that they can take from laboratories where they have practice classes.

    So you shouldn't be jealous at all. The worst thing your boy-friend
    could do is to put his plank ass under 2 or 3 little-bit drunk guys.
    So all depends on the faculty he is going to enter. It is OK if it
    would be psychological or linguistic faculty. But beware of medical
    faculty! Those guys steal dead animals from laboratories and abuse them in their rooms (and sometimes don't even wash their hands after that!)

    But, anyway, this all could scarcely be called unfaithfulness I believe.

    So don't worry about your guy!

    You can let him go here with a light heart.

    P.S. Сандроша! Я ж сказал, до 18ти не заходить!! А ты Хирург, что здесь делашь???! :eek: :p
  2. Cuckoo*MOSAD*

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    Да-а-а... А Маньяк во всех смыслах "маньяк"....
    А глупышку забугорную что-то жалко стало (после полученного ею письма от Маньяка)...
  3. BullDoG

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    :D :D :D !!! :D :D :D
  4. Maniac

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    По привычке в течении переписки абсурдность писем будет всё увеличиваться и увеличиваться, пока дэвушка не поймёт, что кто-то её разводит. По крайней мере обычно так происходит :cool:
    По крайней мере я не довожу разводы до того, чтобы это кому-то реально навредило, хоть если это и было бы намного смешнее :rolleyes: