DF2/3 Favorites v.3.0.4 Update and Cheat Blocker v.3.0.4 Update

Тема в разделе "Утилиты", создана пользователем Romchik®, 25.09.02.

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    Notable Changes (DF2/3 Favorites):
    - Favorites v3.0.4.3792
    - Updated: lobby addresses for LW and TFD
    - New: a new configuration file is used to hold the game specific data which should allow smaller updates when the lobby changes, etc.
    - Corrected: CCServer game startup for TFD required some timing tweaks
    - Updated: CCServer needed an address update for player names for TFD v1.0.9 support.
    - Updated: The PCX Image viewer had a few little tweaks
    - Updated: The Cheat Blocker has been updated (see below)
    - Other changes not worth noting or that I have forgotten about

    Notable Changes (Cheat Blocker):
    - Blocker version v3.0.4.4040
    - Updated: 50 new trainers have been cataloged of which only a couple would slip through the prior 3.0.3 version
    - Updated: additional classifications of trainers are now detected in addition to the ones already dealt with
    - Updated: some language versions cause a cheat alert, this update will allow future updates to automatically correct this issue more easily
    - Updated: Added a significant (tripled) the number of game state modifications that were previously monitored
    - CB only users are recommended to download the full package to refresh the configuration tool which has had a few tweaks performed"