DFX DeathMatch Tourney

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  1. Sinner

    Sinner Дембель

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    1st DFX DeathMatch Tourney

    From 1st July until 3. July

    - all weapons are allowed
    - newest version of DF.X
    - each round 2 maps with 30 mins maptime
    - the games always begin at 20:00CET
    - Startdelay 5min
    - Maximum of 16 players on one server
    - the players on the first 8 places get ahead the round
    - just the kills are interesting (the player with the most kills gets the 1st place), if there´s a draw the ratio is decisive
    - there´ll be awards for the first three places
    - to sign up send a mail to AcidJay ([email protected]),Görtschi([email protected]) or Moskito([email protected])
    - Info needed: e-mail, playername, country and if you´re in a squad need the name and the homepage
    - every player has to make a screenshot of the endsceen to send it to the admins if necessary
    - every player has to play with the name he signed up
    - every player is responsible for joining the server punctually
    - the passwords for the servers will be send by e-mail to the players
    - cheating is not allowed, if a player uses a cheat and someone notice this the player will be kicked from the tourney immediately

    maptime:30min pro map
    Respawn time:0s
    PSP change:15s
    Maximale Friendlyfire kills :Infinite
    Show tracers:yes
    Team claymores:no
    Allow AutoRange:off
    Weapon avaiaballity:always
    Friendly Tags:yes
    Friendly kills:yes
    Friendly fire warning:yes