Вода и птицы 2008

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    Electra Дембель



    Artist: Various
    Name: Birds and Water
    Date: 18/07/2008
    Style: IDM, experimental, ambient
    Label: Rus Zud Net Label (_www.ruszud.com)
    Format: net-release (mp3)
    Bitrate: 320kbps, Stereo

    It is the middle of summer now. Hot air in the cities is boiling our brains. Someone has already been on the sea, someone is going there in nearest future, someone is just dreaming of it. And so, being on this wave, we are giving you our new sounds to feel deep waters, warm sand, harmonic love or melancholic loneliness and mighty power of the force of nature.

    1. Rivak - Under the Sea
    2. Arena - Glowworm
    3. GariQ - Good Night
    4. Ego Ex Nihil & Muhmood - Surya
    5. Applecore - Funny Birds
    6. Ferris Wheel feat Freaks Tricks - Winter The Satan
    7. Chif Project - Mexicana
    8. Ownsi Lense - Nastalo Vremya, Nastal Den'
    9. Analog Penetration - Fly Away
    10. Screen of sorrow - Dissolved time signals
    11. AAGSF - Heavens
    12. Brompton's Cocktail - No Cappella
    13. Policay - Trip to jazz
    14. Sascha Muller - Rewind
    15. Ahtictap - One Touch Access</font>

    Download release: _http://ruszud.com/music/rz077_va_Birds_and_Water_2008.rar [166mb]
    >>> Release @ archive.org: _http://www.archive.org/details/rz077