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  1. Rambo-Рамбо

    Rambo-Рамбо Гость

    Hi my name is craig and i am from england and i am 13. i make good weapon models and vehicles models and i wondered if you needed any more modelers. please reply.

    translation which was hard

    Привет мое название - крэйг, и я - из Англии, и мне 13. я делаю хорошие модели оружия и модели транспортных средств, и я задавался вопросом, нуждались ли Вы больше в модельерах. пожалуйста ответьте.
  2. KAI

    KAI Tw1ggy

    I think the best solution would be for u to show here some of your work and then you'll get a response from us if we'll need you.
  3. Vlad...

    Vlad... Moderator

    Hello Craig. The models of the weapon are already made, but i am sure that it will be necessary to us models of buildings, trees, or vehicles. If you wish (and can) to help us, give to know to me on ICQ... ;)
  4. sombody

    sombody Гость

    i wonder if you can make mods way you cant make a world war two mod
  5. CCC2@inbox.lv

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